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TEDAŞ LV, MV, HV Distribution Network Facility Works

TEDAŞ LV, MV, HV Distribution Network Facility Works

Our expert teams specialize in the design and planning of low, medium, and high-voltage electrical distribution networks, working to create reliable and efficient distribution grids. We undertake detailed planning considering factors such as topographic assessment, load analysis, and route planning.

Underground and Overhead Network Construction: We carry out the construction of LV, MV, and HV electrical distribution networks both underground and overhead. Our professional teams meticulously perform tasks such as laying new lines, installing poles, and cable laying.

Transformer Station Installation and Maintenance: We install transformer stations and carry out periodic maintenance to ensure their safe and efficient operation. We provide professional services to ensure the safe and efficient operation of transformer centers.

Protective Equipment Testing and Maintenance: We conduct tests on protective equipment and perform periodic maintenance. We check the operation status of relays, circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, and perform necessary preventive maintenance.

Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis: We monitor and analyze power quality in LV, MV, and HV networks. By monitoring parameters such as harmonic analysis, voltage fluctuations, and voltage drops, we take necessary measures to optimize network performance.

Outage Management and Emergency Response: In the event of power outages, our rapid response teams promptly resolve issues and minimize energy disruptions. Additionally, we identify preventive measures to be taken before outage situations and prepare emergency response plans.

Consultancy and Training Services: We offer consultancy and training services on LV, MV, and HV distribution network facility works to customers. We provide guidance on technical requirements, compliance with local regulations, network planning and management, and organize training programs.