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TEİAŞ Energy Transmission Lines (154 kV, 380 kV)

TEİAŞ Energy Transmission Lines (154 kV, 380 kV)

Our expert teams specialize in the design and engineering of high-voltage transmission lines, working to create reliable, efficient, and sustainable transmission lines. We undertake detailed planning considering factors such as route planning, tower and pole design, and material selection.

Project Management and Consultancy: We provide project management and consultancy services for energy transmission line projects. Throughout the project process, we offer technical support to our clients and guide them on resource management, permit processes, and field inspections.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Permit Processes: We offer expert consultancy services for assessing the environmental impacts of energy transmission line projects and managing the necessary permit processes. We provide support in preparing environmental impact assessment reports and communication with relevant authorities.

Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems: We provide services for the design and implementation of grounding and lightning protection systems required for energy transmission lines. We ensure that necessary measures are taken for safe and uninterrupted energy transmission.

Technical Inspection and Testing Services: We offer technical inspection and testing services during the construction and installation process of energy transmission lines. Our professional teams oversee quality control, material testing, and ensure the correct progress of the installation process.

Maintenance and Repair Services: We offer services for the periodic maintenance and necessary repairs of existing energy transmission lines. We conduct regular maintenance activities to enhance line safety and performance.

Energy Efficiency and Loss Reduction Solutions: We provide solutions to increase the efficiency of energy transmission lines and reduce energy losses. We optimize energy transmission efficiency with smart grid technologies and monitoring systems.