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Human Resources

We believe that each individual has unique qualities and that matching these qualities with the requirements of the job plays an important role in ensuring their satisfaction. Therefore, we strive to create a COMPETENCY-BASED Human Resources system to ensure that the qualifications required for the job match the characteristics of our employees. Competency is defined as the technical knowledge, skills, and behaviors that determine our approach to work and our environment, necessary for performing a job in the best possible way. Within this framework, we have identified all the competencies required for Demiröz Engineering Inc. We prioritize the development of employees' competencies related to their jobs for determining training needs and planning, career development, and compensation adjustments.

Our PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM aims to observe the efforts and developments of employees in the competencies related to their tasks. The purpose of the performance system is to provide constructive feedback for all managers and employees to facilitate their personal development. The performance evaluation process takes place every four months throughout the calendar year and is conducted three times a year. Each employee's performance is first evaluated by themselves and then jointly evaluated by other managers. During the PERFORMANCE EVALUATION process, relevant managers conduct PERFORMANCE DISCUSSIONS with all our employees and create or renew DEVELOPMENT PLANS for the next performance period. By the end of the year, the average of all performance scores determines the annual performance score. Based on these scores, the names of our employees are automatically placed in the relevant areas of the 9-box model. Accordingly, salary increases, bonuses, and other rewards are determined. Our goal is to ensure that each of our employees receives fair recognition for their efforts.

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